Case Study: Precise Warranty Claims Among Broad Array of Failures

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Customized Billing Ensures OEM Receives Proper Warranty Entitlement

Challenge: A major electronics manufacturer was experiencing up to six different types of failures in one particular model. Faulty parts needed to be tracked by a range of serial numbers for proper reimbursement.
Solution: Along with executing the necessary circuit board repair, Renova also developed a customized variable billing system to ensure the OEM properly claimed warranty on the faulty parts.
Results: Renova Technology saved the manufacturer time by providing a range of repair services in one handling and saved costs with proper warranty tracking.

Model Required Replacement of Numerous In-Warranty Parts in Addition to Repair

A point-of-sale scanner-scale exhibited up to six distinct failures, some caused by faulty mechanical parts still under warranty. Range of repair included complex, delicate solder work to rudimentary replacement of faulty mechanical parts. Approximately 15,000 units installed in the field were exhibiting from one up to all six of these different failures. The multiple permutations required a flexible and customized reporting system. In order to keep repair costs to a minimum, the OEM needed a single repair provider to handle the repairs, track the complex trail of warranty entitlement, and also develop a variable billing program.

Renova Executes Both Complex Repairs and Simple Replacement

Renova Technology implemented a repair program that addressed the multiple failures, each requiring a different level of technical acumen. Renova also developed a customized variable billing tracking system that recognized each unit by serial number and by failure. The repair of each unit was itemized to ensure that in-warranty parts were properly claimed and billed accordingly.

Manufacturer Saves Time and Money

Renova Technology saved the manufacturer time by providing a range of services in one handling. By developing a customized billing system, Renova made certain that in-warranty faulty parts were properly claimed, ensuring the OEM could appropriately bill their suppliers.