Case Study: Critical Insight Saves Clients Relationship with End User

Commitment to Customer Service

Billion Dollar Telecommunications Manufacturer Encounters Pending Litigation Petitioned by their Fortune 500 Customer

Challenge: Quality Assurance tests of telephony over cable units were exhibiting contradicting results at different locations.
Solution: Critical insight from Renova Technology uncovered the source of the discrepancy.
Results: The manufacturer avoided costly litigation with its customer and preserved future revenues.

Contradicting Quality Assurance Tests Results Prompt Formal Dispute by Client's Customer

In addition to providing repair services to the telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Renova Technology also performed pre-installation quality assurance tests. A particular batch of units originating from one geographical location passed all quality assurance tests at our location but failed at the end-user’s testing station. Renova Technology utilized a comprehensive test fixture complete with four different testing stations. Additional testing stations were created to emulate the particular climate of this region. Despite all of the modifications, units were still passing at the Renova facility but failing at the other location. Approximately 60% of the units were caught in a continuous cycle of failing at the end-user’s location, being returned to Renova, passing again at Renova’s location, and being returned again to the end-user. The manufacturer’s customer was on the verge of initiating litigation but first agreed to an on-site meeting at the location in question. Renova agreed to accompany the manufacturer in the discussion.

Insight from Renova Technology Identifies Cause and Halts Dispute

After many hours of discussion between the manufacturer and the end-user, Renova Technology requested to see the end-user’s testing station. Upon investigation Renova determined that the testing station being utilized by the end- user was not calibrated correctly and was therefore displaying false failures. A Field Retrofit Order was implemented and Renova Technology created a seed stock of re-worked boards to swap into returning units. Ultimately, Renova performed re-work on all 20,000 units.

Manufacturer Avoids Litigation and Maintains Brand Loyalty

As a result of Renova Technology’s commitment to their customer, the manufacturer and their end user avoided a long, costly and unnecessary litigation. By determining the cause of the contradicting test results, Renova was able to recommend an appropriately calibrated test process for the end-user. Renova kept their customer profitable by avoiding the legal fees, maintaining their customer’s brand loyalty by identifying the root cause of the false failure data, and reducing costs by ending the continuous cycle of unnecessary returns.