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Renova is a “best-in-class” after-market repair services company. We help enterprises repair high-end electronics at component board level.

Renova brings over 24 years’ experience of innovation, high-quality board level repairs of complex electronics, as well as detailed repair business intelligence which is so crucial to businesses in the new millennium. Our customers have come to depend upon Renova’s commitment to Quality, Reliability, Service, and Sustainability.

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Insights From 2021  Over the last 26 years, Renova has grown to support a multitude of industries by repairing thousands of devices at component board

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Renova Technology, Inc. was founded in 1996 as a response to the needs of one of the largest POS/ATM manufacturers in the world. Their challenge was to find a service provider who would repair proprietary products at board component level as well as collect and report detailed data related to the repair.  

Renova pioneered this dynamic transparent approach to repair. The quality of service and data analytics that Renova provides has saved our customers millions of dollars over the years and has had a profound effect on their customer retention.

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