Case Study: Flexibility and Adaptability Help Keep Clients Customer Satisfaction High

Commitment to Customer Service

Adaptable Service Program Solves Manufacturer's Customer Issue

This white paper explores the concept of adaptable service programs as a comprehensive solution to complex customer issues, underpinned by a detailed case study involving a particular model of LCD monitors experiencing multiple design failures. The key benefits of such programs include enhanced flexibility, innovative problem-solving, a hybrid approach to repair services, and effective project execution.

Challenge: Manufacturers are continually expanding their product lines, integrating new technologies, and exploring fresh markets. However, this growth often gives rise to complex issues related to product maintenance and customer support. The case of the LCD monitors sold to a self-maintainer vividly illustrates these challenges

A particular model of LCD monitors sold to a self-maintainer exhibited multiple permutations of three different design failures. Though the manufacturer’s customer normally repaired their own equipment, they required the manufacturer to repair this model.

Solution: Renova Technology responded to the manufacturer’s predicament by designing an adaptable service program tailored to the unique challenges posed by the LCD monitors. This comprehensive program involved developing a complex matrix of LCD repair activities personalized by serial number, complemented by a proactive repair strategy. Furthermore, it introduced a nuanced billing system that allocated costs across different OEM divisions, demonstrating a novel approach to project financial management.

Results: Thanks to Renova’s adaptability, innovative approach, and flexibility, the company succeeded in preserving customer satisfaction while efficiently allocating internal expenses. Swiftly, Renova managed to repair and refurbish over 8,000 touch displays, demonstrating their commitment to quality and responsiveness.

Manufacturer Requires Customized Billing for One End-User

A specific model of LCDs sold to the manufacturer’s customer exhibited four different permutations of three different design failures emanating from three different areas of the unit. More than 8,000 units in the field needed to be addressed. Though the end user normally repaired their own equipment, they required the manufacturer to perform repair on this particular model. The failures occurred in three different sections – backlights, power boards, and video boards – requiring Renova to develop a billing system capable allocating repair costs to three different OEM divisions.

Renova Develops Custom Billing Solution and Hybrid Repair Process

Renova Technology developed a complex matrix of repair activities per serial number by customizing their information systems. Renova also implemented a hybrid repair process by performing proactive repair on units with an increased risk for failure. These units were identified by serial number and immediately recognized by technicians due to Renova’s internal repair profile alert. Once the units were repaired, each activity was appropriately billed to the various OEM divisions.

Manufacturer Maintains Customer Satisfaction and Accurately Allocates Internal Repair Billing

Due to Renova’s flexibility, adaptability, and innovation, the manufacturer maintained their customer’s satisfaction, received
a detailed account of repair activities, and appropriately assigned costs to a variety of departments and their suppliers. Manufacturers that adopt adaptable service programs position themselves to not only resolve current customer issues more effectively but also to future-proof their customer support strategies against the unfolding complexities of modern technology products.