Field Service Organizations

A Reliability Extended

Supporting the Industry

3PLS (third party logistics companies) and Field Service Organizations often face conflicting challenges of simultaneously meeting their contractual KPI’s while still keeping their service costs down. Renova provides component level repair of everything from circuit boards through complete systems across many industries.

A Renowned Service

Years of Experience

Renova has 24 years of experience in supporting such organizations –customizing reverse logistics, repair, forward logistics and all the associated data capture and reporting necessary to meet these objectives. It’s why Renova is ‘Best in Class.”

A Repair Perfected

Meeting Your Requirements

From building specialized repair facilities within a 3PL’s warehouses, to designing complex reverse logistics and AEX processes to maximize our customers’ profits – you’ll find a large portion of our services well described throughout this site.  Contact us with your special requirements. We have experience with a multitude of delivery models to meet your needs.