Hard Drive Cold Storage & Data Destruction

A Provided Practice

Hard Drive Cold Storage

Hard Drive Cold Storage refers to physically maintaining a library of inactive data media (hard drives) for a specified period of time.

Our programs are performed in PCI compliance (Payment Card Data Services). 

Retired video equipment from leading brands like March Networks and Verint (NVR and DVRs) are sent to Renova containing hard drives. The hard drives are removed from the device and stored for a customer specified period of time. 

At the end of the storage period, hard drives are destroyed on-site and Renova provides a certificate of destruction.

A Protected Program

Data Destruction

Renova’s Data Destruction protects customer data. The program maintains the enterprise’s ability to access information with video retrieval. 

Renova supports world-class financial institutions, national integrators, and enterprises with the above services.  Learn more in our recent blog.