Hard Drive Cold Storage & Data Destruction

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Hard Drive Cold Storage

Hard Drive Cold Storage means storing inactive data media (hard drives) for a specific time.

Our programs meet PCI compliance (Payment Card Data Services).

Renova receives retired video equipment from top brands like March Networks and Verint (NVR and DVRs). We remove the hard drives from the devices and store them for the desired period.

When the storage period ends, we destroy the hard drives on-site and issue a certificate of destruction.

What to expect?

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A Protected Program

Data Destruction

Renova’s Data Destruction service plays a crucial role in safeguarding customer data. Proper hard drive destruction ensures data is permanently unrecoverable and compliant with PCI regulations. By securely destroying hard drives, it ensures the protection and confidentiality of sensitive information. This program also ensures that enterprises maintain their ability to access important data through video retrieval.

Renova proudly supports a wide range of clients, including world-class financial institutions, national integrators, and enterprises, offering them reliable and comprehensive services such as hard drive storage and data destruction. With our expertise, clients can trust us to handle their data with the utmost security and professionalism.


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