PCI-COmPliant Programs For Financial Institutions

A Provided Practice

Hard Drive Cold Storage

One program that Commercial Integrators rely on to meet the evolving landscape of the financial industry is cold storage. So, what is exactly is cold storage? It refers to physically maintaining a library of inactive data media (hard drives) for a specified period of time. This is performed in complete PCI compliance (Payment Card Data Services). 

Here’s how it works: Retired DVR units are sent to Renova containing hard drives. The hard drives are then removed from the DVR/NVR and stored (in library fashion) for a customer specified period of time. At the end of the storage period, hard drives are physically destroyed on-site and a certificate of destruction is provided.

A Protected Program

Data Destruction

Renova’s Cold Storage and Data Destruction programs protect customer data while maintaining the financial institution’s ability to access information as needed, when needed – and be assured that the media is eventually destroyed according to PCI and environmental standards.