Repair Warranty

We warranty all of our repairs for 90 days. We replace the components that contributed to the failure – per our historical analyses and studies. This means if the product fails for another reason – a new repair is not covered.  We have received less than 1% returned for warranty. 

RMA Best Practices

Repair Menu

We repair thousands of electronic devices at PCBA component level. Request our complete repair menu (Ie. Software House Repair, Bosch DVR Repair, Axis Repair, etc.).

RMA Process

We follow a best practice RMA process in an excel/PDF form, which enables service and quality engineers to access digitally. Please complete and send to We’ll then issue an RMA number.

Payment Details

We ask that new customers pay by credit, but are happy to set up terms moving forward. In order to process repair, we need a copy of PO or credit card authorization form.

Send to Renova

Include the RMA #, which we use to track internally and provide updates to your team. We ask that customers pay freight to and from Renova.

Lead Time to Repair

Our average lead time is 5-10 business days and expedites are available (2-3 Business days). Renova can drop ship directly to your customer location all while remaining invisible.

Please contact your primary Account Manager or fill out the “contact us” form and we will reach out to you shortly. You can also check out our full commercial security repair FAQ.