Printed Circuit Board Repair

Electronic Circuit Board Repair

PCB Repair Services

Short-term circuit board repair project, on-going repair support of the complete product life-cycle, or a product in/out RMA process warranty need?  Renova is built to handle it. Our electronic circuit board repair and return programs are often the most expedient ways to get started. Simply send in the electronic device, we repair and send back according to your specifications and requirements down to the component level to BGA rework. 

If you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we follow your quality engineering requirements. We serve OEMs, contract manufacturers, field organizations, consultants, end-users, and integrators across many verticals at component PCB (Printed Circuit Board) level.

Printed Circuit Board Repair
BGA Repair

BGA REwork

Ball Grid Array Repair

Not familiar with BGA replacement? It’s complex, but we make it feel simple. Ball grid array, BGA’s are used to surface mount chips such as microprocessors.  For over 15 years we’ve employed rework stations and reflow stations on-site and utilized our in-house endoscope to assist in inspection.  

Our electronic repair services include: BGA repair, BGA component removal, repair of lifted or missing BGA pads, BGA replacements and touch up.

A Standard Upheld

Quality Assurance

Renova conforms to JEDEC and ANSI standards for electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliance and quality sampling and subscribes to Lean management practices including Lean Six Sigma, 5S and TPS for all electronic circuit board repairs, BGA repairs, and PCB motherboard repairs.

Our electronic repair technicians are trained to the IPC-A-610 standard for electronics and have achieved or maintain certifications from OEMs such as NCR, HP, and IBM, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer designations, SCO ACE certifications, certifications from state and federal divisions of Weights and Measures.  

PCB Repair

Did You Know?

Our highly skilled engineers MaKe over 4,000 BGA Replacements per year. Fortune 500 OEMs across industries such as gaming, parking, telecommunications, IoT, fitness technology, healthcare, point-of-sale, self-service kiosk, audio, and lottery are just a few industries that leverage Renova’s electronic circuit board repairs and PCB repair capabilities.

A Skill Unmatched

Our Norcross, GA facility uses state of the art diagnostic and electronic repair equipment, and employ a staff of highly skilled, continuously trained technicians and engineers to provide (but not limited to) the services below. Our team is dedicated to help reduce no faults found (NFF) and drive the highest quality assurance standards.