OEM & Contract Manufacturers

Helping OEMs remain profitable in aftermarket service

Fortune 500 OEMs across industries such as gaming, parking, telecommunications, IoT, fitness technology, healthcare, point-of-sale, self-service kiosk, audio, and lottery are just a few industries that leverage Renova’s electronic circuit board repairs and PCB repair capabilities.


Some of the largest OEM’s in the lottery and gaming industry rely on Renova to repair printed circuit boards.

Self Service Kiosk Repair

Renova supports the world’s largest manufacturer of self-service kiosks and point of sale equipment by repair at PCB component level.


Parking Technology OEMs trust Renova to repair self-service ticketing kiosks, license plate detection readers and all aspects of parking to support the end-users experience.


Fitness Technology now goes beyond the gym. Renova works behind the scenes helping innovative brands in this sector by providing repair & return and advanced exchange programs to keep their customers happy.


When industry leaders in the healthcare setting need support with their electronic devices, many turn to Renova for our fast, professional service.


Today, surveillance access control and door technology is critical in all private and public sectors. Renova repairs access control and security equipment.

Circuit Board Repair

Cable communication technology manufacturers rely on Renova’s repair business intelligence, repair and return, and rework.

Financial Technology

Renova supports industry leading manufactures of cash counting, POS, and cash management technology. These technologies process billions in daily transactions.

Contract Manufacturers

Contract Manufacturers love to leverage Renova’s complex repair capabilities. Ranging from simple processes to more complex ones such as small ball-grid-array (BGA) projects and even high- volume repairs and rework repairs in order to bring newly manufactured devices to market.


In a rework situation, we work closely with the manufacturer’s engineers to optimize the rework services and processes so that they are expedient, cost effective and ensure the quality/reliability levels required.

Short-term project, on-going repair support of the complete product lifecycle, or a product in/out of warranty need?  Renova is built to handle it. Our repair and return programs are often the most expedient ways to get started.


An AEX program is the immediate shipment of the needed part upon demand. In order to be successful, product is waiting on the shelf, ready for shipment when needed.

Renova offers tailored solutions to support all of our programs. Whether you’re looking to become a partner or need support on a Special Electronic Development Project, Renova is a strategic resource.

Repair profiles are developed for every product we repair.  All repair data is collected in detail and analyzed to drive efficiencies in our repair processes.

Most Enterprises that follow agile practices like to sign up with Renova’s Repair as a Service subscription (RaaS). Our model is simple, it’s even easier for teams with homogenous electronic devices.

Let's Get Started

Our process for new product evaluations is easy. Simply fill out the contact form below and our team will follow up with a questionnaire for product failure, volume, and project criteria.

We generally ask for the schematics, a few samples and we can put together an action plan, recommended repair program and necessary lead time. Depending on the scope of the project, we can allocate team members immediately to meet your timeline in repair production.