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Commercial Security Repair Services

Our integrator customers benefit tremendously from customized repair programs such as “Repair and Return” and “Advanced Exchange” to minimize downtime and garner enormous savings.

Hard Drive Cold Storage

One program that Commercial Integrators rely on to meet the evolving landscape of the financial industry is cold storage. Cold storage refers to physically maintaining inactive data for a customer specified period of time in a secure PCI Compliant Environment.

Casinos & Gaming Industry

Our data analysis on historical out-of-warranty camera and DVR failure rates suggests that about 5% of these devices will fail within 12 months.

Success Stories

What is Best in Class Service

Renova employs best practices in accordance with according to the Aberdeen study Optimizing the service Supply Chain including customer satisfaction, service profitability and decreased costs.

RSP and CM Work Together to Benefit OEM

A Fortune 500 manufacturer decreased overall reverse logistics costs by working with Renova Technology who was able to perform the repair domestically in the US.

Product Lines Addressed by Renova

We have 20 years experience in repairing point of sale, computer/server, security equipment, cash management, communication equipment & display device.

Increase Company Valuation Repair Vs Replace Security Equipment

A company can increase their valuation by repairing instead of replacing 3 devices per day increasing your value by as much as $17 million.

Flexibility Keeps Client Satisfaction High

Due to Renova’s flexibility, adaptability and innovation through the development of a complex matrix of repair activities, a manufacturer was able to maintain customer satisfaction.

How Actionable Data Improves KPIs

Actionable repair data improves KPIs by identifying trends in design failures and component quality and providing a reduction in redundancy of service calls and saves you time.

How to Address OEM Discontinued Support of Security Equipment

When your OEM announces discontinued product support your best alternative is to find an experienced reverse logistics company whose core competency is board/component repair.

Repair Provider and Contract Manufacturer Work Together to Reduce Costs

Renova Technology worked with a Fortune 500 manufacturer to to reduce turnaround time resulting in decreased overall reverse logistic cost by 30%

Precise Tracking for Warranty Claims Among Broad Array of Failures

A major electronics manufacturer was experiencing up to six different types of failures in one particular model. Renova Technology saved the manufacturer time by providing a range of repair services and saved costs with proper warranty tracking.

Flexibility and Adaptability Help Keep Client’s Customer Satisfaction High

Renova Technology’s developed a complex matrix of repair activities to solve a manufacturer’s issue with a particular LCD monitor model helping the manufacturer maintain customer satisfaction.

Critical Insight Saves Manufacturer’s Relationship with End-User

A manufacturer avoided costly litigation with its customer through critical insight from Renova Technology using quality assurance tests of telephony over cable units.

Cost Avoidance and Proactive Support

Renova Technology executed a very cost effective rework for a manufacturer who had failure in a product resulting in saved costs on future returns while maintaining brand loyalty.