Printed Circuit Board REWORK Services

Why Choose Our PCB Repair Rework Services?

As an expert in the manufacturing industry, you may encounter situations where you need to modify newly manufactured products before selling or deploying them. This could be due to design flaws, poor manufacturing processes, defective parts, or the need for re-configuration. However, you need not worry about these issues when you partner with Renova Technology for your product modification needs.

At Renova, we specialize in taking on product modification at the component PCB level for world-class manufacturers. We understand that even the smallest problem with a product can lead to major issues, which is why we are committed to providing efficient and reliable modification services that meet your unique requirements on all pcb rework.

Technician Repairing Device for OEM

PCB Rework Services For Manufacturers and Contract Manufacturers

Wide Range of PCB Rework Services

When it comes to fixing printed circuit boards, we collaborate closely with manufacturers to streamline the rework production and engineering processes. Our aim? To make them fast, affordable, and consistent in quality. Moreover, our customers can rest assured that their PCB repaired products will be back on the market quickly, boosting end-user loyalty and satisfaction. Additionally, whether we’re tackling basic re-calibrations or complex circuit board repairs – from BGA replacements to trace repair and reflow – we strive to deliver expert solutions that meet your needs.