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AfterMarket Supply Chain Services

Forward and Reverse Logistics

OEMs and large enterprises have recognized the role that a well-run reverse logistics program plays in driving down the total cost of ownership (TCO). Renova provides forward & reverse supply chain solutions to support these enterprises at our “Best-In-Class” depot repair facility in the Southeast.  

After all, Gartner has defined a “Best-In-Class” repair service provider as one that reduces the customer’s TCO accelerates supply chain efficiencies, and drives brand loyalty. 

A Necessary System

Configuration & Integration

Is managing data across your 3rd party repair centers a challenge? At Renova, working in harmony with your ERP system to transmit repair data can help streamline the process. 

Our technicians follow Renova’s best practices to test, review, diagnose parts, and entire units. Renova provides complete aftermarket value added services such as parts configurations, firmware, hardware upgrades, and assembly.

A Needed Change

Refurbishment and Engineering

OEMs, 3rd Party Logistic Enterprises, and Contract Manufacturers trust Renova to refurbish high-end electronics at the component and electromechanical level. Our team of highly trained technicians, quality assurance standards, aftermarket repair capabilities, and supply chain programs make Renova a great place to be a customer. 

Our Green FootPrint


Renova’s sustainability measures have prevented millions of pounds of electronics from entering our landfills and polluting our Planet.

Not sure where you fit?

We’re always here to help. Renova offers tailored solutions to support all of our programs. Whether you’re looking to become a partner or need support on a Special Electronic Development Project, Renova is a strategic resource.