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Commitment to Customer Service
Renova has been very good at partnering with us and providing the adequate manpower for us to be able to roll out units in multiple quantities. They’ve gone above and beyond what we would expect a partner to do to help and make sure our rollouts are seamless and the customers are happy.

Bryan Pittman

Operations Manager, Tellermate

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Tellermate is a leading provider of cash management solutions to the retail, grocery, hospitality, and financial industries, deployed across numerous FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. UK headquarters are home to Tellermate’s engineering, research & development, marketing, and executive teams. Tellermate also has international offices located in Atlanta, Paris, Heidelberg, Madrid, and Tokyo. 

Tellermate was looking for a 3rd Party Repair Provider to support and handle North American operations with forward logistics, repair and return, and advanced exchange programs. Renova helps Tellermate through a complete ecosystem of supply chain solutions with large roll-outs and provides necessary resources to ensure success.