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Commitment to Customer Service
If we didn’t have the partnership with Renova I think that we would have a much larger problem to solve in terms of how do we handle customer returns and then what do we do with that product and how do we handle it in a responsible way.

Ryan Williams

Head of Planning,
Wahoo Fitness

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Wahoo Fitness


Located in Atlanta, GA, Wahoo Fitness has created a full ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists, and general fitness enthusiasts. 
Wahoo’s award-winning products includes the KICKR family of smart indoor riding equipment and accessories, the ELEMNT family of GPS devices and sports watches, the TICKR family of heart rate monitors, as well as Speedplay dual-sided pedals and SUF structured training app.   
Wahoo Fitness was looking for an aftermarket service provider in US to handle repair and returns to support growth, provide excellent customer service, and drive brand loyalty.  Renova helps Wahoo with returns in a responsible and sustainable way by bringing innovative solutions such as refurbishment services, testing protocol, and repair reporting.