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The Most Common Circuit Board Repairs

Repairing circuit boards is crucial for cost savings, reduce e-waste, and optimal technology performance, while also reducing electronic waste. As circuit boards become more complex and compact, repairing or servicing the parts can be challenging. However, there are methods and technology available that can help to extend the life of your circuit boards. This blog post will go through the most common circuit board repairs and how Renova Technology can help.

Printed Circuit Board Repairs

Trace Repairs 

Trace repairs are among the common circuit board issues, which refer to the broken conductors or electrical circuits. One reason could be the result of scratches from excessive vibrations, impact, or fluids spills in the circuit board. Luckily, Renova Technology offers trace repair solutions that restore damaged circuit boards to good-as-new condition. 

Solder Joint Repairs

A solder joint’s primary function is to connect the pins or components on the circuit board. Broken solder joints happen when the board gets hot, vibrates, or there is an environmental change. Renova Technology offers advanced solder joint repair and rework solutions that restore precision and improve the connections. The process is quick and could save time and money on board replacement.

Renova has a host of state of the art soldering iron stations and repair techniques to ensure high quality repairs. In addition, Renova follows ESD Protocols for electrostatic discharge.

Ball Grid Array Repairs

BGA components are high-tech parts used in PCBs. They’re common in modern electronics and help connect the board to the operating system. When a BGA does not work it can cause many issues, including signal loss and component damage.

Renova handles thousands of BGA replacements and repairs every year. In addition, Renova Technology uses state of the art technology for all BGA replacement. Learn more in our recent blog surrounding Ball Grid Array.

Component Replacement  

In some cases, repairing the circuit board may not be an option due to age, damage, or component failure. . Renova Technology has extensive experience and knowledge in component replacement and repairs. Simply put, at Renova we get down to the printed to the surface mount to replace damaged parts and damaged pads. If your contract manufacturer runs into an issue with pcb assemblies, we can help with pcb repair service.


At Renova, we replace components such as integrated components (ICs). Recapping essentially means the removal of the components installed on the board and replacing with new capacitors. Recapping can give your PCB an extended lifespan, improve performance, and solve the modern e-waste problem. Renova Technology offers excellent replacement and recapping services that perform these functions with the utmost care.

Renova Technology has been providing high-quality circuit board repair for over 26 years. In summary, the most common commercial industrial pcb repair are trace and solder joint repairs and ball grid array repairs. Repairing damaged pads is another option Renova can address. If there is a broken circuit or physical damage repair is a cost effective option.

To learn more about our repair programs and rework process, simply get in touch or check out our services. 

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