4 Commercial security service challenges that hold integrators back

Inevitably, even within the Security Industry, the end users have begun demanding that the life of commercial security equipment extend longer than the original term offered by the manufacturers. Service and Maintenance Contracts have evolved to become even more strategic chess pieces in obtaining competitive advantage.  The wave of new technology over the past five […]

Can Security Integrators Save Capital Without Sacrificing Quality?

Perhaps you have 1000 service calls per month.  We estimate that 25% will require a replacement or repair.  That could be 250 cameras or DVR’s, and probably half of those are not under warranty.  What do you do?  Call ADI and order a replacement?  That would cost (125 x $1500 average cost per device  = […]

Renova Featured as Company You Should Know

There is a saying we have all come to believe: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Jonathan Pine, president of Renova Technology, Atlanta, believes that isn’t always the case. Renova Technology, a 23-year-old after-market B2B repair services provider based in Atlanta, reported its customers — primarily commercial security integrators — […]