Ready to find an after-market repair partner? What every OEM should know.

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Ready to find an after-market repair partner? What every OEM should know.  

Renova Technology supports Fortune 500 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) by repair. We turned the evaluation process of rework and warranty repair projects into a daily ritual. Our future customers know what requirements to consider from initial discussion to full repair production.

Moreover, it is critical to understand what qualities set one repair provider apart from another. We put together a few takeaways Renova considers in an after-market repair partner:

Best-In-Class Enterprises

Out of the gate, it is easy to recognize “Best-in-Class” service organizations as number one. It is no surprise, “Best-in- Class” enterprises have the best customer retention. Gartner has defined a “Best-In-Class” repair service provider as one that reduces the customer’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), accelerates supply chain efficiencies, and drives brand loyalty.

Capturing Insights

Finding out what types of data will be provided in early stages is key to a successful partnership. “Best-In-Class” OEM’s with internal repair facilities do this – but even the majority of OEMs with and without such facilities do not.

Repair data is essential for engineering design changes, customer training, avoiding re-work, optimizing component vendors, predicting median time to failure, averting epidemic field failures, and much more.

Staying Versatile

We have found that teams searching for a repair provider often pigeonhole their search for their specific industry. While this strategy can help reduce the number of contenders in your evaluation, you may be limiting your search.

Our foundation is built upon complex component board level repair and rework of mid –to- large volumes for OEM’s. Renova also supports service organizations across a span of B2B industries.

Why now?

A recent study by Jim Kilpatrick, Deloitte’s Global Supply Chain & Network Operations Leader, discusses implications of COVID-19 on the global supply chain. Manufacturers are focused on finding alternatives in their supply chain in the short term due to production and slow return of workforces. Enterprises are tasked with looking for innovative ways to minimize costs in their supply chain.

At Renova, we certainly recognize “Best-In-Class” organizations, data capture, and the ability to provide custom solutions critical to an after-market provider to create efficiencies where the supply chain has been disrupted.

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