Case Study: How Actionable Data Improves Kpis

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Renova Technology captures, analyzes and reports all information associated with the circuit board repair we perform at our depot.
Repair data, meticulously tracked and analyzed, serves as a mirror reflecting the health of your supply chain’s components. Particularly, the emphasis on component-level tracking is crucial, as even the smallest parts can have significant implications on the overall product quality and reliability.

Identify Trends in Design Failures and Component Quality

Consider resistors—unsung heroes in electronic devices. Despite their simplicity, resistors are prone to failure due to a range of factors including material quality, manufacturing processes, and operational environment. By treating resistors as top defective parts and meticulously tracking failures, supply chains can gain valuable insights into potential weaknesses within the production line. The example below shows resistors as a top defective part. However, upon a closer analysis of the data, it is evident that the capacitors are also an issue.

Reduction in Redundancy of Service Calls to Resolve the Issue

Field Service technicians will often make a rudimentary failure diagnosis which leads to a repeat service call to solve the issue, therefore reducing customer satisfaction. This approach also causes returns of No Fault Founds resulting in an unnecessary increase of safety stock inventory. However, armed with information that has been captured and analyzed, the field service technician can improve first time fix rate up to 70-90 percent.

Improved Testing & Repair Procedures Lead to Improved Repair Yield and Reduced Out-of-Box Failure Rates

Tracking Out-of-Box Failures and making corrective actions to repair processes help increase yield
over time. Recent advancements in diagnostic technology and repair methods have significantly enhanced the effectiveness of electronics manufacturing and repair processes.

By incorporating new repair technology testing systems and precision repair tools, Renova Technology can identify and rectify defects with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. This evolution not only improves the quality of the final product but also minimizes the incidence of out-of-box failures, thereby increasing consumer satisfaction and trust in the brand. Furthermore, these innovations reduce waste and are a step towards more sustainable manufacturing practices by extending the life of electronic devices.

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