Are your security devices no longer supported by the manufacturer? Renova is built to handle.

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How many “end of life” or “no-longer-supported” announcements for security camera, access control, or NVR/DVR devices end up in your inbox per month?

We recently heard from our customers (leading commercial integrators and self-maintaining enterprises) that Bosch Security is discontinuing their Allegiant LTC security devices (close to 100 models) from the Envirodom series to the G3 Autodome series.


Such product discontinuation emails are becoming a more frequent occurrence, usually indicating the desire of the OEM to force upgrades to newer technology. A new upgrade is often before you or your customer are prepared to do so budgetarily.


Concerning the most recent announcement from Bosch, please be aware that Renova repairs the Envirodome Series and G3 Autodome on behalf of our integrator and self-maintaining customers – and we will continue to do so.


For physical security professionals, the decision to maintain surveillance cameras, DVRs/NRVs, and access control technology equipment vs simply replacing them is a challenge.

Product Lines No Longer Supported

Typically, a replacement often makes sense if the device repair is less than 35% of the replacement cost. Replacement is expensive- especially when the device is only 2-5 years old.


Identifying a partner that can repair security devices with high-quality assurance standards can provide a competitive edge to your service contracts by extending the reliability of the camera, DVR/NVR, or access control device.


Renova’s core focus is the repair of complex electronics and CCTV repair at component level. Our Repair Menu has over 2,500 security devices from over 250 manufacturers (access control, surveillance camera, NVR/DVR and many other device repairs).

Product no longer in-warranty

Renova’s historical data analysis on out-of-warranty camera and DVR/NVR failure rates suggests that about 3-5% of CCTV related devices will fail within 12 months when out-of-warranty. Following our rule of thumb, if the CCTV repair cost does not exceed 35% of the replacement cost, we suggest repairing the device vs. replacing.


Our “repair and return” and “advanced exchange” programs have proven effective in minimizing the down time and extending the reliability of the CCTV devices, as well as boosting the bottom line of the integrator’s service department.


Learn more about our solutions for CCTV repair.


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