5 Frequent Security Repairs, when is it time to send to Renova?

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5 Frequent Security Repairs, when is it time to send to Renova?

Whether it is a lightning storm, power surge, or a system failure, Renova is experienced to address all aspects of security repair. Our goal is to repair (of course) but also to extend the quality and reliability of all your security equipment. Basically, it comes down to 5 most frequent failures for which cameras are sent in for repair to Renova. 

Manufacturers, National Security Integrators, Hospitals, Universities, Casinos and Business to Business Enterprises depend on Renova to repair their devices every day 


So, what are the most common failures we see? 

No power over Ethernet (POE)  

POE refers to power over ethernet, which is method for passing electrical power over ethernet cabling. In our case, we are referring to data connection over IP Cameras (Internet Protocol). Whatever the cause, a lightning storm, improper installation or standard wear, Renova  repairs IP Camera PoE issues every day 

No power to camera 

That’s the next biggie on our list. Renova applies best repair practices and performs functional tests to ensure the cameras pass our complete quality assurance standards. Ensuring your devices will not lose power is critical for public safety and minimizes downtime — whether you are supporting your customer or your own enterprise. 

Bad/Distorted video 

Troubleshooting your CCTV to get better video? Need help fixing bad picture? Video quality can prevent your team from identifying an incident, monitor, and maintain public safety.  


Renova repairs bad video and distorted video issues to get rid of the “fuzzy” or “blurry” images your devices are experiencing. If your surveillance cameras simply need a tune up, Renova can help refurbish cameras and resolve this issue and get them back to like new condition. 

Network Communication 

Setting up your IP cameras on the network can be a challenge if not installed properly. At Renova, our Engineering Team re-creates customer environments and test labs to get to the route of the problem. Once diagnosed, Renova’s Engineering Team repairs network communication errors to meet your requirements. 


No PTZ or pan/tilt and zoom issues 

PTZ not zooming? No pan or tilt? If your PTZ camera is not working as designed, Renova has substantial experience in resolving these issues. PTZ zoom issues and responsiveness are a frequent request from our Casino customers and National integrators. At Renova, we can ensure your PTZ works as designed. 



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