Will manufacturers look for nearby aftermarket services? Here are just a few reasons why they should.

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The availability of components is affecting most industries. Will manufacturers look for nearby aftermarket services? Here are just a few reasons why they should.

The supply chain quandary is widely reported. Prices are increasing across the board from commercial to consumer-based electronics. According to a recent Bloomberg article, “The World Economy’s Supply Chain Problem Keeps Getting Worse”. The availability of components is affecting most industries. Will manufacturers (OEMs) look for regional aftermarket services? Here are just a few reasons why.

No Bandwidth

Most of our OEM customers do have their own internal repair teams to support regional and global repair. In fact, Renova frequently collaborates with our customers’ repair teams and quality engineers to mine new solutions and streamline the repair process.

OEMs often have to prioritize newer product lines over earlier versions. Lack of technical resources (“Bandwidth”) is one reason why repair can be postponed internally. When bandwidth is a challenge, Renova Technology is engaged to fill the aftermarket gaps.

Renova has become an indispensable link within our OEM supply chains. For many OEM service divisions, replacement of nonworking mainboards has become challenging and they are simply not geared-up to repair, upgrade firmware, or handle all the messy reverse logistics.

If aftermarket repair bandwidth is a challenge, it might be time to look at a 3rd Party specialized in aftermarket repair and reverse logistics services like Renova Technology.

Finding Repair Technicians  

Prior to the supply chain disruption, repair challenges were more-often met with new manufacturing runs to produce additional safety stock for advanced replacements.  That solution is no longer completely viable.

OEM facilities have the tools, assembly lines, ESD Controls, and many state-of-the-art efficiency processes – devoted primarily to configuration, assembly, etc. However, without the right operational technical muscle, building up the internal capability to diagnose, repair down to the component board level can sap those internal resources that would be better utilized elsewhere.

Best in Class 3rd Party Aftermarket Repair Service Providers have spent years building up scalable processes and have that muscle: scalable, documented processes as well as technicians with experience troubleshooting right down to the component level and perform the repairs.

Lead Time

While these reasons may not be in a particular order, lead time is probably the most pressing challenge- especially with the backlog of products and components overseas. Lack of available parts has put heavy stress for OEM’s lead time to get products back out onto the field. In addition, customers are putting pressure on their vendor service level agreements that include parts and uptime.  

Environmental Impact

Repair can reduce strain on your supply chain and environmental impact. Is your team recycling mainboards and other devices that could otherwise be repaired? OEMs who already repair make a difference to our environment. Renova’s sustainability measures have prevented millions of pounds of electronics from entering our landfills and polluting our environment.

To learn more, simply get in touch or email us at solutions@renovatechnology.com

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