Will Commercial Security Technology Support Suffer from OEM mega-mergers and sell-offs?

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Will Commercial Security Technology Support Suffer from OEM mega-mergers and sell-offs?

Organic growth has become challenging for Commercial Security OEM’s. Growth has resulted in recent mega-mergers. For example, in September 2019 we read in SDM Magazine, “Interlogix to Shut Down in U.S and Canada”.

These Corporate maneuvers benefit the investors, but what is the effect upon the Integrators and end-users who have invested in millions of installations and must maintain them?

Perhaps not always a good one – take Interlogix , for example.

Why are we talking about Interlogix now?

We have heard from our cutomers (Security Integrators and End-Users) that Interlogix technology is heavily installed throughout the world.

Case in Point:

As a result of UTC’s splitting into separate companies, Interlogix became a part of Carrier who also owns LenelS2.

We also heard from our customers that December 31, 2020 is the last day supposedly for all of TrueVision’s US support staff as support has been outsourced to overseas.

But what about after-market (out-of-warranty) hardware support? 

Will US Integrators be able to rise to the occasion when equipment failure and search for Interlogix replacement or Interlogix repair? A recent call to Interlogix Support with an out-of-warranty device that was not working elicited the response “we are not repairing out-of-warranty equipment. If we have the stock, you can replace it.”

It is easy to foresee a diminishing interest by Interlogix in aftermarket hardware – certainly with respect to TrueVision repair, as well as their other product lines Verex, TruPortal, NetworX, Concord, Simon, UltraSync and TruProtect.

Fortunately, there are companies out there who have direct replacement and repair for some of these products – ICT for example.

Where does Renova fit in? 

Renova Technology is an aftermarket repair services company who repairs over 2,500 different models of security cameras, dvr, nvr, and access control from over 250 security manufacturer brands—also repairs  expensive-to-replace Interlogix Truevision and other devices.

And, of course, Renova repairs even more LenelS2 products – now a part of Carrier

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