Are your security devices no longer supported by the manufacturer? Renova is built to handle.

Circuit Board Repair

How many “end of life” or “no-longer-supported” announcements for security camera, access control, or NVR/DVR devices end up in your inbox per month? We recently heard from our customers (leading commercial integrators and self-maintaining enterprises) that Bosch Security is discontinuing their Allegiant LTC security devices (close to 100 models) from the Envirodom series to the […]

Can Security Integrators Save Capital Without Sacrificing Quality?

Perhaps you have 1000 service calls per month.  We estimate that 25% will require a replacement or repair.  That could be 250 cameras or DVR’s, and probably half of those are not under warranty.  What do you do?  Call ADI and order a replacement?  That would cost (125 x $1500 average cost per device  = […]