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Optimizing Service Contracts for Profit: Maximize Repair Savings

Are Your Service Contracts Optimized for Profit? Discover Maximizing Repair Savings. We all know that most CCTV installations require some form of warranty, maintenance, or service agreement. This process is how integrators and self-maintaining enterprises (SMEs) balance both the economics and longevity of the security infrastructure. Though some of these “service agreements” are written for […]

Unsupported Security Devices? Renova is equipped to assist

Circuit Board Repair

How many “end of life” or “no-longer-supported” announcements for security camera, access control, or NVR/DVR devices end up in your inbox per month? We recently heard from our customers (leading commercial integrators and self-maintaining enterprises) that Bosch Security is discontinuing their Allegiant LTC security devices (close to 100 models) from the Envirodom series to the […]