Printed Circuit Board Repair

Printed Circuit Board Repair

Printed Circuit Board Repair vs Rework, what is the difference? Printed Circuit Board Repair and Rework are common terms we use today. They refer to modifying hardware to bring existing or newly manufactured products to market. In this blog, we’ll share the difference and general use cases. What is ” Printed Circuit Board Repair”? At […]

Printed Circuit Board Repair, A Viable Option

A shift in the right direction for PCBA repair (Printed Circuit Board). Remember the story of a large truck stuck under a bridge it was unable to clear? Engineering experts with expensive cranes struggled and sweated to pull it from under the bridge without damage.  No luck…until some little boy who had been watching all […]

“Cold” is now “Hot” – The Age of HDD Storage & PCI Compliance

“Cold” is now “Hot” -the Age of HDD Storage & PCI Compliance Renova’s PCI Compliant solutions have been on the rise- especially for security integrators, finance and enterprise customers. It’s no surprise to see newer articles on the rapid growth of the industry. For example, a recent Western Digital article by Annie Herreria, “Why Cold […]

So, how are you handling the delays in contract manufacturing (CM)?

Here are 5 considerations manufacturers can take into account: 1.) Circuit Board Repair With the rise in container ship costs and delays, many manufacturers are thinking outside the box. They are looking for ways to get needed equipment to their customers and field service organizations. The shortage of integrated circuit chips (IC chips) is having […]