So, what types of security devices does Renova repair?

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“Smile, you are on camera…..wait is the camera working?”. Renova supports end-users like Airports, Hospitals, Universities, Casinos, Municipalities, to ensure every smile is captured.

Did you know that 70 million commercial security cameras are installed in the US?  That is one for every 4.7 people.

Protecting safety, deterring crime, and ensuring that the bad actors get caught is critical to keep our communities safe. At Renova Technology, our passion is repairing stuff- especially equipment that makes a difference in our communities.

While the supply chain challenges have put pressure on manufacturers- especially with new products on backlog, end-users are looking for creative ways to get products repaired.

From what we hear from industry experts, there is a backlog of new commercial security equipment that needs to be installed in the places we need to protect. So, what types of surveillance equipment repairs does Renova provide, and for who?

Surveillance Cameras

The arrival of masks has made loss prevention and maintaining public safety even more challenging. In high population areas such as airports, the use of facial recognition and Video Management Systems (VMS) to identify and handle incidents is critical.

Renova helps airports and other high population enterprises such as casinos and municipalities by ensuring their equipment is working flawlessly. If a camera is not functioning, we help repair it.

The benefit of working with an after-market provider like Renova means shorter lead times. Our lead time is days not months.

Whether an IP camera, PTZ camera, Renova can help repair. We also tackle repairs LPR (License Plate Reader) from industry leaders like Genetec and Axis Communications for national security integrators and end-users like hospitals, schools, casinos, municipalities, and more. To learn more about the brands we repair, check out our full menu online. If you have a security device installed, we most likely repair it.

Access Control

For a parent, security questions for new school enrollment generally come first (at least for our content writer), “What security measures are in place to protect our schools? Is there access control?”. At Renova, we repair a host of access control equipment directly for K-12 and Universities across the country.

Access control can be card readers from veteran manufacturers like HID and Mercury-based brands like Software House, Open Options, S2 as well as new players in the industry.

We simply need the model number and can put together a comprehensive repair plan to ensure all of these devices are repaired and working properly.


We got it on camera? Now what? Maintaining high-end video technology is paramount. That said, making sure the hard drives are updated and meet manufacturer specifications is even more critical.

In addition to repairing high-end NVR/DVR technology, Renova also can upgrade the hard drive based on the device specification. 

We repair hundreds of video technology devices from 3VR, Verint, March, and more. Over time, hard drives need to be updated to improve performance and reduce data loss. In addition, we also offer comprehensive repair and hard drive cold storage programs to keep your data safe (Yes, we are PCI Compliant).

Everything Else

We also repair everything else from monitors, kiosks, badge printers, power supplies, and biometrics mainboards. In addition to the above equipment, Renova repairs thousands of devices across most industries.

Outside of security repair, we support world-class manufacturers as their preferred aftermarket repair facility. If you are not sure Renova can repair it, simply get in touch and we can quickly find out.

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