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Serviceability as a Competitive Edge: Why It Matters More Than You Think

Serviceability As A Competitive Edge

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Developing new products is exciting from the hardware to the software. While all the features and functionality are exciting, how manufacturers design, support, and maintain their products directly influence customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even market differentiation.
As a service provider for printed board repair and rework services for Fortune 500 and fast growing manufactures, Renova Technology consistently leads the way quickly determining actually how serviceable a product is when a failure happens.

A Double-Edged Sword: Complexity vs. Serviceability

Technology thrives on complexity, from the types of surface mount technology, placement of the components, integrated circuit chips, housing materials, and software. The more intricate the product, the more challenging it is to service, which can lead to backlog of repairs or the need for additional contract manufacturing needs.
Manufacturers must strike a delicate balance; push the boundaries of what’s possible in technology, but also ask “if we dismantle this product, is it harder or easier than putting back together?” In some cases, the design team can overlook what happens if a device fails, how to take a part, repair, and put back together. This push-pull between complexity and serviceability is at the heart of product reliability, durability, and, most importantly, the customer experience.

Ability To Service Repairs and Rework

The ability for a manufacturer, their supply chain, or third-party repair services to easily service a product is a foundation for customer satisfaction regardless of the industry. Organizations that invest in serviceability can save substantial costs in repairs and maintenance.

Integrating Repair into Design

Repair serviceability should no longer be an afterthought. In fact, service should be fully integrated into the design process, assuring that products can be effectively and efficiently repaired when necessary. This shift in mindset impacts everything from how products are conceptualized to the materials used, and even the user interface. A repair-minded design can add longevity to the product life cycle and reduce e-waste.

Building Trust Beyond the Transaction

The ‘right to repair’ is a current hot topic for consumer devices, showcasing a growing demand for customers to have access, understanding, and choice in maintaining their products. While the replacement costs of consumer devices are decreasing, it is essential for manufacturers to focus on commercial and higher-priced products to maintain their service capabilities.
Whether equipped with schematics or not, Renova is adept at pinpointing and troubleshooting various types of failures in printed circuit boards. Accessing the mainboard for repair or dealing with electromechanical issues can prove challenging, particularly with products not designed for easy servicing. This brings us to an important consideration.

Trust in 3rd Party Repair Providers

Reputable third-party repair providers, such as Renova Technology, can extend a brand’s reach and offer better service accessibility globally, allowing manufacturers to avoid sending products offshore for repairs, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction through quicker turnaround times.

Outsourcing Repair Services

Outsourcing service and repair can be a strategic move. For starters, it allows manufacturers to focus on their core value proposition—design and production. It can also bring cost savings if handled judiciously and can often lead to service networks being more aligned and responsive to local market dynamics. Essentially what this means is proximity is key when a well established RMA (request authorization returns) process is set.
At Renova Technology, we specialize in printed circuit board repair and rework, closely integrating these services with a structured supply chain program to efficiently handle repair returns.

Nurturing a Healthy RMA and Returns Process

A product return is a moment of truth for a brand. It’s an opportunity to shine or stumble, and often a customer’s last experience with a product. How long do you want the customer to wait on a replacement, or repair? A healthy returns process, focused on speed, communication, and long-term resolution, can turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one, fostering brand loyalty.

Streamlined Returns and Repair Process

Simplicity is key. Manufacturers must understand that customers are inconvenienced when a product fails, and the last thing they want is a cumbersome repair process. Streamlining returns and repairs by prioritizing speed and efficient communication can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and trust.

Integration with Field Service and Quality Assurance

Field service and quality assurance teams have unique insights from the operational environment in which products are used. Integrating these insights into the repair process can lead to better and more targeted service. Information from the field can highlight systemic issues, inform design changes, and support customers more effectively. A true repair provider focused on this level of data capture and triage provides critical insights back to the manufacturer.

About Renova Technology, Inc.

Renova Technology, Inc. is an award-winning repair and supply chain services company. Over the last two decades, Renova has expanded its customer base and services to provide exceptional outsourced repair and supply chain programs including rework, advanced exchange, forward & reverse logistics, hard drive cold storage & media destruction, and special development projects.
Renova’s customers span industries including automated parking, gaming & lottery, aerospace, fitness, public safety, fintech, surveillance, automotive, and healthcare. Renova serves world-class manufacturers, integrators, and enterprises such as NCR, Wahoo Fitness, Flock Safety, Tellermate, Scientific Games, Panasonic Automotive, and Orbility.

Renova has gained recognition in several prestigious platforms, including being listed in SDM’s “Companies To Know,” ranking among the “Inc Regionals Southeast Fast Growing Companies,” featuring in Yahoo Finance, and earning the title of “Supply Chain Pioneer” from Partnership Gwinnett.

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