What happens when a newly manufactured product exhibits a failure?

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What do you do when a newly manufactured product exhibits field failures all over the place?

At Renova, repair data capture is critical for our manufacturer (OEM) customers for electronic repair projects. For example, it minimizes risk and keep unforeseen costs down. The repair data can help prevent risks of epidemic field failures (which we have helped avert) as well as innate design weaknesses.

Design Modifications

What happens when a newly manufactured product exhibits a failure across multiple installations?

We saw this situation many times.  One major one was with a Point-of-Sale (POS) manufacturer. The newly manufactured product was exhibiting failures immediately upon installation for their largest client. The install base for the client had over 20,000 units in the field.

Renova was quickly engaged to provide preliminary repair findings and evaluate a rework repair project to solve the problem. Through detailed repair data capture, Renova narrowed down the sources of failure on the POS device.

As a result, Renova was able to propose a practical and effective solution to rework.

Developing a repair rework program on all 20,000 units in record time would not have been possible without the collection and analysis of repair data.  Without data, failures of the POS device would have become epidemic and a major customer potentially lost.

Why now?

In our last OEM blog, we discussed the transformation of aftermarket services. As OEMs look at new ways to drive efficiencies and keeping their customers loyal, finding out what data insights are available from a repair partner can be instrumental in minimizing risk and keeping costs down.

Learn more about our Rework and Repair Data.

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