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Printed Circuit Board Repair, A Viable Option

Shift in the right direction for PCBA repair (Printed Circuit Board).

Remember the story of a large truck stuck under a bridge it was unable to clear?

Engineering experts with expensive cranes struggled and sweated to pull it from under the bridge without damage.  No luck…until a young child who had been watching all this asked “why don’t you just let the air out of the tires?”.

Obviously, that is what they then did.  It didn’t take long, and they returned all the expensive equipment. The truck was ‘unstuck.’

Some see problems. Others see “Solutions.”

 Well, how does this translate into printed circuit board repair? At Renova, we help our customers see and develop solutions.  It’s that simple. When we hear customer challenges, we let the air out of the tires, make the truck move, and clear a path forward in a scalable way.

So, if we dig in deeper, we have been told from our customers that within industries such as commercial security, a particular problem is lead time on new equipment. New installations require new devices and their end customers continue to wait on new product.

It’s no surprise the challenges described above of course continue to resurface as a result of the frazzled supply chain. In fact, we have covered it multiple times in earlier blogs (Circuit Board Repair and Supply Chain).

The solution?

At Renova, we believe maintenance should not require new replacements. Printed circuit board repair and refurbishment of complex electronics is a sustainable solution. In addition, PCBA repair is an economical and fast solution to solve lead time challenges when new product is not readily available.

For our commercial security repair service line, Renova repairs thousands of models of cameras, video, and access control equipment from leading brands like Axis Communications, Avigilon, Lenel, and more (over 250 manufacturers). We repair equipment that is in immediate need of repair- no longer in-warranty or supported by the manufacturer for enterprise end-users and national integrators.

To top it off, we successfully repair 95% of everything we receive and we repair practically everything within 10-12 business days.  For example, a camera repair averages 5-7 business days once it arrives at our facility. And, this is at a cost that enables the integrator to reduce lead time and the customer to save money. In fact, the ROI on repair is at least 250% or more (see how our integrator customer saved almost 2 million by repair).

New product shortages and associated lead times are indeed a “problem.”  But when it comes to maintenance, repair is a viable option. At Renova, we can let the air out of those costs and get those maintenance projects ‘unstuck.’

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