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PCB Repair and Sustainability

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PCB Repair and Sustainability

Renova has been behind the scenes providing “Aftermarket and Supply Chain Services” for world-class brands and enterprises over the last 26 years.  Rather than throw commercial equipment away, our customers turn to us to repair and refurbish complex electronics and provide supply chain programs such as “Advanced Exchange” or “Forward/Reverse Logistics.”


By repairing equipment and extending the product lifecycle, Renova has prevented millions of pounds of e-waste from entering landfills. If you have ever checked out at a major store with a self-service kiosk, been captured on surveillance equipment entering any establishment, or driven through a toll road, there is a good chance Renova delivered by repair.

Our customers include large manufacturers (OEMs), contract manufacturers (CMs), national integrators, and end-users (airports, casinos, municipalities, universities, hospitals, and more).

We repair across many industries including gaming, lottery, parking, tolling, automotive, fitness, self-service kiosk, FinTech, and IoT Industries. Renova rises to the occasion and takes the steps to develop processes to repair, extend their quality, and provide reliability throughout the products lifecycle.

In addition, Renova has been featured in SDM Magazine’s Annual Green Report, “How To Make A Green Impression?” that profiles companies reducing carbon footprints and working toward creating a cleaner environment. Repair is a sustainable supply chain solution.

The Results

Over the last 26 years, as a result of the above, we have kept over 11 million pounds of e-waste from entering landfills with our PCBA repair and supply chain services.  Renova also works directly with OEMs and CMs to solve volume based “rework” or product modifications domestically on newly manufactured equipment rather than dispose and start over if there is a design change.

Over the last ten years we have estimated that this extended life (of a printed circuit board repair, or surveillance camera repair, etc.) approximates 4-5 years.

We can therefore further estimate that every year we create 400,000 years of functional, useful device life. This four-year extension of useful electronic device life also could serve as a multiplier, making the 11 million pounds of waste saved really as much as 44 million over the last 20 years. That is about 20,000 metric tons. At Renova, we are extremely proud of that.

In addition, Renova also provides “Repair Data Intelligence” to our OEM customers, which has been proven to avert epidemic field failures, reduce cost, and environmental impact of new CM production. We have also been voted “Best-In-Class” by OEM customers by virtue of the quality of services we provide and recognized as a “Company-To-Know”, by SDM Magazine.

Path Forward

At Renova, we believe we stand the test of time and repair is the future.  Overall, we are extremely proud of our team’s passion for sustainability, quality, and service. We adding new repair technicians and our company is comprised of team members from over 10 countries, that have been with Renova for 10 years on average.

Over the last 26 years in service, we continue to solve complex challenge aftermarket supply chain challenges for Fortune 500 Enterprises. With the rise in container ship costs and delays, many OEMs are looking for aftermarket repair and supply chain providers to support their customers and field service organizations. Deloitte has recognized “Aftermarket service providers becoming an imperative for manufactures”. (Deloitte Insights, Aftermarket Services, 2020).

We are seeing unprecedented growth across all of our service lines as we work with new and existing customers to tackle their supply chain challenges by repair. Georgia based Renova Technology is here to rise to the occasion in a sustainable way one repair at a time.

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