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Meet Renova Technology’s CEO: Insights and Future Outlook

At Renova Technology, we put together a Q&A with our new CEO, Marc Melkerson. Earlier this year, Marc took on the role of CEO after Renova completed a 40,000 square foot expansion in metro Atlanta.
Marc has been with Renova since 1999, previously serving as VP of Sales & Marketing and Chief Operating Officer. Now, as CEO, he aims to expand Renova's presence in North America by introducing innovative repair and supply chain programs to fast growing and world-class manufacturers.
This Q&A dives into his expertise, experiences, and vision for the future, offering valuable insights for our team, customers, and industries.

Questions & Answers:

What inspired you to pursue a leadership role at Renova Technology?

Many years ago, when the company was in its infancy (1999), I had the opportunity to join at a relatively high level that may not have been afforded to me in a larger and more established organization. I saw Renova Technology as a “Right Place at the Right Time” situation. From those humble beginnings, our leadership at the time provided a tremendous amount of internal support to pursue the objectives I sensed were in our best collective interests.
Responsibility and authority must go hand in hand. Our founder, Jonathan Pine (President and Chairman), understood that and always matched them. Taking a cue from him, my father, and several other mentors, I began to view the organization as a legacy I could build—a workplace that rewards hard work, loyalty, and ingenuity.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities/challenges facing the company in the near future?

Emerging markets and new to industry manufacturers are great potential opportunities for Renova Technology. We are truly a service-based company in that manufacturers leverage our ability to solve new challenges by applying the lessons learned from our legacy customer solutions.
Also, the proliferation of AI provides both an opportunity to be utilized in the repair process and analysis as well as a challenge in it’s potential ability to reduce product failures and therefore repair opportunities.
I believe AI, in unique ways, will ensure our ability to further evolve and grow our capabilities and business. We are also beginning to see the emergence of new electronics manufacturing processes that will complicate repair and require us to pioneer new methodologies. We have already invested in new technology, our team, and facilities to support complex level repairs.  In the end, everything fails at some point and requires replacement or repair and somebody has to figure out how to do that.  I look forward to those challenges.

How do you envision fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within the organization?

Good hiring practices and giving your employees a voice is critical. Leadership needs to be able to communicate common goals and also challenge the staff to solve problems creatively without stifling the ambitions and critical thinking skills of the staff. Bringing together the lead people in logistics, production, sales, customer service, and technical departments to develop solutions to new opportunities or existing challenges is key.
It is important to empower each level in the organization to speak up and share their impressions and best practices with their management. Sifting through the creative suggestions can be time- consuming, but in the end, it usually exposes the best ideas and processes. As leaders, we sometimes have to be willing to trust our support staff when they are passionate about something that challenges our own deep-seated beliefs.

How do you plan to communicate and engage with employees at all levels of the organization?

An open-door policy is great, but I believe you have to be willing to “walk the four corners” of your organization. I do this every day. Sometimes it is just being present and listening, sometimes it is providing some redirection or encouragement, and other times it is discovering something you didn’t know that needs correction.
A long time ago I sat through a management session associated with the book, "The One-Minute Manager".  I learned a lot from that material and for those with a busy schedule and a need for some managerial direction I recommend it as a good read.  It speaks directly to the challenge of communication and engagement.

What role do you see technology playing in the future of supply chain management, operations optimization, and repair processes within Renova Technology?

We have already seen a significant shift to our industry of service part repair in the last few years through the IoT and now through AI interface for customer service and data analysis.  The emergence of the Amazon experience and the expectations for almost immediate satisfaction is accelerating the need for further streamlined supply chains. For example, interconnected systems for transportation, communication, inventory management and fulfillment are removing the human element and the associated delays between these discrete functions.
Even smaller operations are having to consider the use of automated warehouse equipment and smart systems that are tied to their enterprise databases and I believe the future will expand the use of these automated systems in packaging and eventually down to personnel scheduling, assignment and bench repair.
In the meantime. I think it is important to create an internal systems architecture that will allow for the addition of these functions.  Our customers are evolving at different rates.  We will have to be able to accommodate both the slow and the early adopters of these technologies as the ability to integrate solutions between us and our partners becomes even more critical.

For individuals considering careers in supply chain, operations, or repair, what advice would you offer them based on your own experience?

A formal education in business processes and supply chain management or technical skills is only a start.  Some of our best employees are those that came up through the ranks without completing their formal education.  I think the best combination is the employee that has some specific and relevant education and also has real-world experience, but then seeks to further their education with purpose and resolve.
These people become real experts with practical knowledge they can lean into and implement the educational component to the greatest extent.  And, while working for a large supply chain organization may provide excellent formal training and opportunity, I also think that those who have had to wear many hats in a smaller organization are very well-rounded and immediately useful.

About Renova Technology, Inc.

Renova Technology, Inc. is an award-winning repair and supply chain services company. Over the last two decades, Renova has expanded its customer base and services to provide exceptional outsourced repair and supply chain programs including rework, advanced exchange, forward & reverse logistics, hard drive cold storage & media destruction, and special development projects.
Renova’s customers span industries including automated parking, gaming & lottery, aerospace, fitness, public safety, fintech, surveillance, automotive, and healthcare. Renova serves world- class manufacturers, integrators, and enterprises such as NCR, Wahoo Fitness, Flock Safety, Tellermate, Scientific Games, Panasonic Automotive, and Orbility.
Renova Technology, Inc. was also honored with the 2022 Partnership Gwinnett Small Supply Chain Pioneer Award and has been recognized as “A Company To Know” by SDM Magazine.
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