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How to maintain CCTV Equipment?

How to maintain CCTV equipment?

In our last series, “5 Frequent Security Repairs,” we introduced how Renova repairs security equipment.  The reasons are a result of everything from lighting storms to power surges or just old components. Renova addresses surveillance issues such as distorted video, no power, network communication, and loss of controls. How does one prevent system failures that are in our control? The answer is preventative maintenance. At Renova, we put together a few tips that will help you keep your cameras working in great condition.

Are you practicing preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance helps reduce failures in the field. After all, it is no fun trying to identify a suspect with poor image or camera maneuverability. Inventory checks and documenting the condition of your devices are critical to getting out in front of repairs, averting system failures or downtime.

Is the camera housing and dome intact?

One easy way to ensure devices will last is to check the exterior condition. For example, scratches, cracks, or openings in the dome or housing are a red flag. If the housing or dome is broken, moisture may be building up. At Renova, we see how moisture and liquid intrusion damage key components. Check all aspects of the camera and ensure there is no moisture build-up or dust. At Renova, our Quality Assurance Team checks all aspects of the devices we repair. We also can help make a recommendation on replacement domes or parts.


Does your camera pan or tilt properly? In addition to the above inventory checks, reviewing system performance will help you get ahead of any controls not meeting performance standards. Video quality can prevent your team from identifying an incident, monitoring, and maintaining public safety. If your surveillance cameras simply need a tune-up, Renova can help refurbish cameras and resolve this issue and get them back to like-new condition. Renova has tailored security repair and refurbish programs for national and regional integrators and end-users.

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