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How Renova Technology Drives Industry Standards

We're thrilled to announce our capabilities at Renova Technology, an award-winning repair and supply chain services company. Over the last two decades, Renova has expanded its customer base and services to provide exceptional outsourced repair and supply chain programs.
Renova Technology, Inc. has become a beacon of excellence, particularly in the realm of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) repair and supply chain services industry. Renova sets the industry standard through growth, innovation, quality assurance processes, highly trained team, and state-of-the- art facilities.

The Importance of Printed Circuit Board Repair

At Renova, we talk about repair often and there is a reason for it. Printed circuit boards are the backbone of modern electronics. They play a vital role in ensuring the functionality of everything from smartphones to industrial machinery. When these components fail, the consequences can be costly and disruptive. A study by IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) found that timely PCB repair can reduce downtime by up to 40% and cut replacement costs by 30%.
At Renova, we believe this is the case and our team has built a thriving repair services center to support a diverse set of world-class manufacturers across many industries (parking, self-service kiosk, public safety, fitness, EV charging, and IoT).
Sure, effective PCB repair is essential for minimizing downtime and reducing replacement costs, but PCB repair also plays a larger part in driving sustainability efforts.

IPC Standards

At Renova, we undertake a diverse range of projects and returns management programs, from fixing electromechanical parts to repairing circuit boards at the component level. We adhere to IPC standards, the global benchmark for assembling and repairing PCBs. With our team thoroughly trained in these standards, our customers can trust that our repairs are precise and reliable. IPC standards cover everything from proper soldering techniques to handling electronic components, making it essential to verify this qualification when choosing a repair partner.

Quality Assurance

At Renova, quality assurance isn’t just a fancy term—it’s a promise. We use a detailed process to make sure every repair is perfect. Renova follows important rules to prevent static electricity damage and uses smart management methods like Lean Six Sigma and 5S. This applies to all repairs of circuit boards, ball grid arrays (BGA repairs), and motherboards. Every circuit board repair is done with extra care to avoid any static electricity damage. Renova conforms to JEDEC and ANSI standards for electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliance and quality sampling and subscribes to Lean management practices.

Brand New ESD Repair Center

Renova continues to innovate and invest in new technology and facilities. Another key factor that sets Renova apart is its brand-new Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) repair center. ESD can cause significant damage to electronic components; therefore, controlling static electricity is crucial in any repair environment. Renova's ESD repair center is equipped with the latest technology to prevent static damage, ensuring the longevity and reliability of repaired PCBs.
We understand that technology continues to advance and our team has to be on the forefront of new capabilities to address new types of products on the market. Our new BGA rework stations do just that in support of our large manufacturer customers.

Supporting the Fastest-Growing Hardware Companies in North America

Renova's dedication to quality and innovation has established it as a trusted partner for many of the fastest-growing hardware companies in North America. When recently asked, "What is the one promise you could make to your customers that they would value the most?" a manufacturer customer confidently replied, "Quality checks, hands down. If a Renova team member has inspected it, you can be sure it's top-notch."

What next?

Renova Technology, Inc. is more than just a repair services company. With a trained team adhering to IPC standards, a robust quality assurance process, a cutting-edge ESD repair center, and a commitment to supporting the fastest-growing hardware companies in North America, Renova is setting new benchmarks in Printed Circuit Board repair.
If you’re a manufacturer looking for a reliable partner to handle your PCB repair needs, hear what our customers have to say. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain the highest standards in your operations.

About Renova Technology, Inc.

Renova Technology, Inc. is an award-winning repair and supply chain services company. Over the last two decades, Renova has expanded its customer base and services to provide exceptional outsourced repair and supply chain programs including rework, advanced exchange, forward & reverse logistics, hard drive cold storage & media destruction, and special development projects.
Renova’s customers span industries including automated parking, gaming & lottery, aerospace, fitness, public safety, fintech, surveillance, automotive, and healthcare. Renova serves world- class manufacturers, integrators, and enterprises such as NCR, Wahoo Fitness, Flock Safety, Tellermate, Scientific Games, Panasonic Automotive, and Orbility.
Renova Technology, Inc. was also honored with the 2022 Partnership Gwinnett Small Supply Chain Pioneer Award, recognized as “A Company To Know” by SDM Magazine, and an Inc Regionals Southeast fastest growing company.
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