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How Renova Can Assist During Supply Chain Shortages

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How Renova Can Help You Through Supply Chain Shortages

Though the worst of the global coronavirus pandemic seems to finally be coming to an end, one of the more lasting effects on the security industry (and almost every other industry) is the microchip shortage, as well as other supply chain issues. It all started last year, when Brexit, the pandemic, congestion at major ports, increased demand, and the blockage of the Suez Canal by a 1,300-foot container ship all contributed to a severe slowdown in the supply chain. Since then, the situation has seemingly only gotten worse, and manufacturers everywhere are struggling to meet the demand for new products. The shortage of integrated circuit chips, or IC chips, is having a particularly profound impact on the security industry. These little chips are used in almost every electronic device — from cars to cameras. The current lead time for ordering IC chips and other electronic components is almost a full year, while the demand for security services is higher than ever before as office spaces and other buildings open with entirely different needs. And there are no signs of this shortage ending any time soon. predicts that the global chip shortage will actually worsen throughout the second half of 2021 before there’s any real hope of recovery.

So what are you to do?

Instead of waiting around for new products to become available, consider repairing what you already have. At Renova, we have been repairing proprietary products at board component level since 1996, and we are more than prepared to meet the needs of companies throughout this challenging time. The quality of our service and data analytics have already saved our customers millions of dollars over the years, and has had an immense impact on their customer retention. In fact, our larger security customers average $1.5 million in annual savings from using our repair services. And we don’t just help those in the security industry — Renova also works directly with world-class manufacturers in the gaming, self-service kiosk, home fitness, and IoT industries to solve complex repair challenges. To learn more about how Renova can help you through supply chain shortages, or to receive a quote for the repairs you need, call us at (770) 325-5600 or email

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