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EV Charge Stations Repair, Identifying Returns Management

Are your operations, quality, or manufacturing team handling product repairs from the field?
With the rise of the EV industry, charging stations, ranging from Level 1 to DC Fast, have become ubiquitous across the country. New partnerships with retailers are creating charging "destinations," complementing the adoption of home Level 2 charging stations.
As the EV industry continues to expand, the importance of efficient and reliable EV charge station repairs cannot be overstated. According to Pew Research, “64% of Americans live within 2 miles of a public charging station.”
As a repair and supply chain service provider for leading enterprises, we understand that even a small percentage of non-operational charging stations can impact customer loyalty. Like all electronic products, EV charge kiosks face challenges due to environmental factors and design.
This is where Renova Technology steps in. If you're a manufacturer facing a backlog of modules or seeking a sustainable repair program to support warranty repairs, it's time to talk with Renova Technology.

Why Choose Renova Technology?

Renova is at the forefront of providing comprehensive repair solutions tailored to meet the repair needs for OEMs and contract manufacturers. Renova works with your existing repair team to augment internal efforts, repair profiles, component level repair, testing, burn-in requirements, and quality assurance.
As a behind-the-scenes partner, Renova often acts as the invisible link between the contract manufacturer and the manufacturer handling product returns to support small or volume returns processing. When field service technicians need to replace a part, consider reintegrating it into your supply chain through repair, offering it as seed stock, or implementing a sustainable returns program. This approach not only supports efficient resource management but also helps reduce e-waste.

Collaborating with Renowned EV Charging Brands

Renova offers top-notch repair support, ensuring that OEMs have access to reliable and timely services. Our domestic repair provision eliminates the need for overseas repairs, reducing turnaround times and enhancing service reliability.

Depot Repair Hub in the Southeast

Renova’s brand new ESD repair facilities in the Southeast United States is strategically positioned to serve fast growing industries. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and staffed by skilled engineers and technicians, the facility is dedicated to providing high-quality repair services.

Supporting Domestic PCB Rework on New or Existing Products

Instead of sending products back or initiating new contract manufacturing runs, Renova supports domestic rework on new products. This approach saves time and resources, enabling OEMs to quickly address issues that arise during the initial rollout. Contract manufacturers often do not have the capability to support repair quickly or aftermarket services, as their focus is primarily on new products.

Providing Repair Data to OEMs

Renova goes beyond basic repair services by offering valuable data insights to OEMs. By analyzing repair trends and failure types, we provide critical information that can enhance future product iterations. For example, we can identify regions with the most failures and the types of issues encountered, enabling OEMs to make data-driven improvements.
For OEMs, embracing repair over replacement not only aligns with sustainability goals but also reduces total cost of ownership and enhances customer satisfaction. Renova stands ready to support OEMs with world-class repair services, ensuring that the EV charging infrastructure remains robust and reliable for years to come.

About Renova Technology, Inc.

Renova Technology, Inc. is an award-winning repair and supply chain services company. Over the last two decades, Renova has expanded its customer base and services to provide exceptional outsourced repair and supply chain programs including rework, advanced exchange, forward & reverse logistics, hard drive cold storage & media destruction, and special development projects.
Renova’s customers span industries including automated parking, gaming & lottery, aerospace, fitness, public safety, fintech, surveillance, automotive, and healthcare. Renova serves world- class manufacturers, integrators, and enterprises such as NCR, Wahoo Fitness, Flock Safety, Tellermate, Scientific Games, Panasonic Automotive, and Orbility.
Renova Technology, Inc. was also honored with the 2022 Partnership Gwinnett Small Supply Chain Pioneer Award, recognized as “A Company To Know” by SDM Magazine, and an Inc Regionals Southeast fastest growing company.

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